This Credential is issued to Deepak Rai

3+ years of experience as a Test Lead and 7+ years of overall experience as a Sr. QA Engineer (Manual + Automation).Extensive experience in Set Top Box(IPTV, DTT, DVB, T2, DVB-S2) & Mobile application Testing. Working as a Test Lead in TransUnion CIBIL.

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Robot Framework Talks Webinar

Issued to Deepak Rai

Credential Signatory: Vinayak Titti

Date of issue: 12 March, 2021


Welcome to QA-TechTalks, a community-based startup that is mainly focused on QA Talks, Test Automation talks, and inspiring events. Congratulations on receiving your Robot Framework Talks webinar badge certification. The webinar was held on 20th Feb. Agenda: 1. What is a robot framework? 2. Feature of robot framework 3. Advantages of robot framework 4. How to get started with robot framework. 5. How robot framework speed up automation? 6. Q & A 7. Quiz contest with digital certification to the audience.

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