This Credential is issued to David Burns


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TestFest UK

Issuing Organization: Clavent

Issued to David Burns

Credential Signatory: TestFest Program Committee

Date of issue: 08 March, 2021


This badge credential is issued as an appreciation and recognition for being a speaker at #thetestfest. TestFest UK, the second edition of the TestFest, a global test automation series, organized by Clavent, a global tech conference organization, will be held on March 11 to 12, from 10.00 AM GMT until 2 PM GMT. The conference follows after TestFest USA held in 2020 and is part of the software testing mini-conferences coming up in South Africa, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Israel and India with eight hours of sessions distributed over two days. The TestFest USA, powered by Innominds, a digital next AI-led platform company, had more than 500 attendees and over 15 speakers from the USA. The conference had also conducted a globally well-attended giant panel discussion. TestFest UK, also sponsored by Innominds, will be spread over two days of virtual talks and discussions during which participants will learn about the latest in test automation.

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